Winter Offensive 2014

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Winter Offensive 2014

Post by Kala » Wed 08 Jan, 2014 11:17 am

Ya tenemos a la vista en nuevo Winter Offensive Bonus PAck #5 ... fault.aspx

Tiene tres escenarios y un nuevo mapa el 67,

Three Pete Shelling scenario designs:

WO12 Heart of Wilderness: Russian attack vs Germans, August 1942. The Germans can set up an extensive fortified zone in a primarily wooded region near Leningrad with pillboxes, trenches, a few Guns, and a bunch of good infantry led by a 10-2. The Russians attack in three waves, intent on Controlling a bridge and grabbing at least one building in a small village on board 67.

WO13 All The Stops: Another Russian attack vs Germans, this time in Poland in 1944. The Russians must move down the length of board 67 and win through a combination of terrain Control and Exit. Nutty SS men try to prevent this. The Russians get three sweet M4/76(a)s, loaded to the gills with Smoke and the awesome Smoke Mortar, while the thin German force, centered around four 6-5-8 squads and three lesser 4-4-7 SS squads and supported by a halftrack and a mortar, try to delay the Russians long enough to reduce the VP value of the buildings, thus forcing the Russians to Exit more VP in order to win. There is a very interesting "semi-random" Russian rolling barrage of 70mm Harassing Fire that can impede both sides. Two StuGs show up later in the game to bolster the defense. This is a TENSE scenario between two powerful but potentially brittle forces that requires sharp play by both sides to avert disaster.

WO14 For Pride's Sake: This scenario features a Japanese Night attack vs Americans on Luzon in 1945. Good Japanese infantry and 6 tanks try to Exit, while a nasty batch of American firepower—a thin line of infantry backed by a Sherman, three M8 Armored Cars, and a 37LL AT Gun (can you say CANISTER, BABY???)—try to plug any gaps and deny the Japanese the escape.

Aunque ponga que esta agotado eso no es verdad, hasta que no hagan el torneo Winter Offensive no lo pondran a la venta.

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