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Planes de lone Canuck

Post by via fora! » Thu 05 May, 2016 8:23 am

George Kelln ha publicado lo siguiente en el forum gamesquad


ASL for Fun: The Victoria ASL Group is finishing the Hammer of the Guards with Bocage Breakout up next.

A SITREP of what is in the pipeline at Lone Canuck Publishing

Blitzkrieg in the West - North, Mini-Campaign Game: is in its final testing phase, my last pair of testers are putting the latest and hopefully last version through the paces; early indications look good for a June 21 release (but don't hold me to that as disaster could strike) 6x scenarios with counters;

Tactical Mission (TM) Battle of the Hedgerows - The Drive for St. Lo, July 1944, Normandy; the US 35th Infantry Division is advancing towards the strategic city of St. Lo; a few miles north of the city, the Germans have setup a defensive line heavily defended but pillboxes, trenches, mines, & wire, manned by the Kampfgruppe Kentner armed with machine-guns, mortars, and anti-tank guns; it will come with a map, rules, 4x scenarios, 1x TM, and counters (number and type to be determined);

Leibstandarte Pack 6 - Normandie, June-August 1944) the continuing saga of the 1st SS-Panzer Division sent to France for rest and refitting, now must help to stop the Allies from breaking out from the Normandy beaches and into France. It will consist of 8x scenarios;

TM Opening the Baltic Gap, 5-6 July 1944, the Soviet Summer Offensive - Operation Bagration has smashed the Germans' lines and the Soviet spearheads are racing westward for the Baltic Sea (map, rules, 6x scenarios, TM, & counters);

TM Race for the Meuse, 10 May 1940, the spearhead of the 1st Panzer Division has crossed the German-Luxembourg border in the early hours and by noon are closing on the Belgian town of Bodange. All that stands between and the Meuse River is the 5th Company, 1st Chasseurs Ardennais, commanded by Major Maurice Bricart. (Map, rules, 5x scenarios, TM & counters);

TM Battle of the Hedgerows - Lurking Panthers, July 1944, Normandy; ​Panzer Lehr has launched a counterattack in the attempt to reduce the Americans' bridgehead across the Vire-Taute Canal. It will come with map, rules, 4x scenarios, 1x TM, and counters;

Grossdeutschland Pack 3 - High Tide in the East - July 1943, Kursk, the historical battle that changed the tide of battle on the eastern front; the scenario pack will come with a mini-campaign game that will follow the northward advance of Panzergrenadier Division Grossdeutschland. It will come with a steppes map(s), 10-12 scenarios - a couple of them enormous, & counters;

Red Surge - Operation Kutuzov, July 1943, Orel, the follow up to GD3, this scenario pack will also come with a mini-campaign game that will follow the westward advance of the 11th Guards Army. It will come with a steppes map(s), 10 scenarios, & counters); and

WinPak #3, a hodgepodge of 6-8 scenarios that don't fit in any themed packs.

Now playtest, playtest, playtest..."

No puedo esperar por los packs de Kurks...


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