Nueva campaña del FB

Area donde incluir todo aquello relacionado con ASL que no encaje en ninguno de los otras secciones.
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Nueva campaña del FB

Post by Catorc3 » Fri 06 Feb, 2015 9:41 am

Mensaje de Bill Cirillo en CSW para quienes no lo hayan leído:
Festung Budapest CG IV Playtesters Wanted

This is a general call for anyone interested in playtesting a new CG for the Festung Budapest (FB) HASL module. This particular CG is different than the preceding three FB CGs in that:

1. It uses all four FB maps; 2. The Victory Conditions are based on the more historically accurate concept of Block and major Objective Control. The information to support the generation of these VC has recently been obtained from the former Soviet military archives; 3. The concept of unit specific (e.g., 13th Panzer Division, Feldherrnhalle Panzer Division, etc.) Reserve formations and Areas of Operation is introduced. This approach will fully employ the use of the unit specific counters that were contained in the original Festung Budapest HASL.
No additional counters or FB maps beyond those originally included in FB are required for this CG.
The draft version of the CG IV rules, SSRs, Victory Conditions, and OoB/Purchase Tables are complete and ready to go.
The current version of the CG has 12 CG Days, but initial playtesting will concentrate on the first 2-3 CG Days. So, if you feel that you cannot commit to playtesting the full 12 Day CG, but would have the time to playtest the opening couple of CG Days, that level of support would be greatly appreciated.
In addition to the general call, I have a playtester that would definitely be interested in playing via pbem and is seeking an opponent.
Thank you very much for your consideration of this request. If interested, please contact me at my regular e-mail address:


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