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Disparar a un PRC

Posted: Fri 08 Feb, 2019 8:39 pm
by Pakko Belmonte
PRC are attacked only by collateral attack. In order to generate a collateral attack with ordnance you have to hit the target, that is the AFV [D.6]. You can hit an AFV with the ITT. It just won't affect the AFV. All the normal DRM apply to the ITT TH attempt, so moving target, large target, etc apply. Using the ITT can be preferable because it will attack all targets in the Location, including infantry on the ground. In your case there are no other targets, so the better attack is probably to use the vehicle target type, because the TH# is usually higher. You can fire HE, and it (probably) won't have any effect against the vehicle, but if it hits there will be a specific collateral attack against all PRC. All DRM to the TH DR apply normally. You could also consider the Area Target Type, which probably has a better chance of affecting the vehicle, but at the expense of a lower TH# in most cases and lower effects FP against the riders. Again all DRM to the TH DR apply.