VASLeague 2013

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VASLeague 2013

Post by ecz » Sat 01 Dec, 2012 1:01 pm

VASLeague 2013 will start in a month for its seventh edition.
So, if interested to join, send an email asking to sign for next season not later than the 30th December to

If NOT interested you should know that:

we have a website, where everything is saved from the beginning (2007) to present days.
we have a lot of players (112 have already signed for 2013)
we have cancelled the (in)famous "web cam" dice rule making now the use of the webcam totally optional (some of you disliked the half-mandatory use of the webcam introduced by experiment in 2012)
we have the usual prizes for the winners ( HP core module for the TOP VASLeague winner and the latest journal for the others)
we have a new software called "Caesar" that creates pairings and tables automatically with one click;
we have many TOP ASL players among our ranks but also many people using VASLeague just to get the chance to play new opponents.

All playings are recorded on the AREA site by Bruno Nitrosso and everything is for free as usual and rules are always basically the same ( live playing by default, 5 rounds two-months each, Swiss System). Contact us for details or see the website
So consider to join...
Best Regards
VASLeague TD

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Re: VASLeague 2013

Post by esparver73 » Sat 01 Dec, 2012 3:22 pm

Yo he jugado este 2012 a la VASLeague por primera vez y lo recomiendo. Son cinco partidas contra gente europea con lo que conoces nuevos contrincantes y estilos de juego, algo imprescindible para mejorar el propio estilo.

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Re: VASLeague 2013

Post by Frana » Wed 13 Feb, 2013 11:09 am

Pues lo tendré en cuenta para el año que viene, a ver si he avanzado lo suficiente.

Saludos y Gracias por la recomendación. ;b

Y este año Conscriptos 2013, por cierto no nos vendría mal un hilo con este tema para ambiertar la cosa...

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