La mili del abuelo en Stalingrado

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La mili del abuelo en Stalingrado

Post by Fernando » Fri 13 Nov, 2009 10:01 am

Leido en el foro de Gamesquad. Me ha hecho tanta "gracia" que no puedo por menos de incluirla aquí:

Hey, I was playing Mike in Red Barricades and it was the very first scenario in the first day of the long Campaign Game.

I brought in a reinforced Germany Infantry company in close order (adjacent) the west corner and I had about 18 squads and 4 leaders (a 9-2 and two 9-1s and a 7-0) spread out in nice attacking order. During the defensive fire phase he made a successfully radio check and pulled a nice black card for access. I thought, hum it's either 80 or maybe 100mm so I got a few +3 and lot of +2 TEM so I should be okay.

Well he places a AR right on the map (in between my concealed 9-2 and a 9-1s) and said:

"Oh, by the way this is a pre-registered hex."

I said:

"Yeah, so what, you still have to place a SR first bozo!"

At which point he said:

"No, Don you silly little man this a Rocket OBA and it is not accurate but since this hex here is pre-registered, the extend of error is halved".

As my mouth and brain were trying to comprehend this Soviet deception and trickery. He proceeded to roll for direction and accuracy, direction was one hex shift (right on top of the 9-2) with extent of error die roll of 1.

At this point I know some bad things were going to happen. And sure as sh1t the first attack (on the 9-2) was 1,1 (CH) and of course they were in a single story building so the 9-2 and both 4-6-7 each carrying a HMG were KIA along with a burning rubble being placed in the hex.

From here on it only got worse, he rolled one more CH and the bottom line that I can recall from this disaster was the 9-2 and both 9-1's were KIA, the 7-0 some how survived multiple wounding and also BH up to a wounded 8-0 (he died within three turns going berserk and leading a charge in which a 4-6-7 was also gunned down). Out of 18 squads 7 were KIA, 3 were turned in to 4-4-7s that broke and 1 was turned into a 2-2-6 broken conscript the remaining 7 squads were all broken. My right hook attack was stopped dead on the first turn.

It sucked big ones, we continued on and my left hook attack did manage to capture the debris up north and the four stone buildings by turn 5 or so. I lost the scenario, and most of the wooden buildings were burnt to the ground an that one stone building burnt and collapse causing falling rubble into G11 to crush that stone building.

I took the next day off and he was so pissed cause he was seriously thinking of doing a night attack. But the next day I had 2 sturm coy and 2 line coys for the meat grinder again and I repaid him with some 150 OBA and Stukas and the blood bath was on.

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Re: La mili del abuelo en Stalingrado

Post by dagalord » Fri 13 Nov, 2009 10:26 am

8o , podríamos hacer una colecta para pagarle el psicologo al chaval porque que te caiga una sinfonía de organos de Stalin justo sobre el casco de tu mejor killer stack en el primer turno y que los maté a todos no puede ser bueno para la autoestima y que luego el 8-0 se suicide en una carga berserk haciéndose acompañar al valhalla por una squad parece casi un detalle sin importancia.
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